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We are avid boaters and Caesar Cocktail drinkers. Spending the summer days away on the boat is never the same without our Caesars! 

The Mighty Caesar was founded from a need. We tried the Ready to Drink Caesars and didn't find that full-bodied flavour we were looking for. We Brought all the ingredients out and no one wanted to go through the process of making a Caesar, especially if it was only for one.

And so The Mighty Caesar was created...full-bodied Caesar in seconds! No more stocking up on ingredients, same delicious Caesar everytime! Fast and easy.

We take it on vacation - our favorite spot Costa Rica, even making Caesars at home has become so much more enjoyable, easy to make, zero clean up! 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, from one Caesar lover to another


Perfect travel size for sunny Mexico_


Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada

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